One Direction Dirty Imagines - Dirty Niall Horan

The rain was dripping down, running over my face and making my hair stick to my jaw. It slipped down underneath my head and down under my leather jacket and under my tank top. It felt so uncomfortable but I ignored the feeling and kept squeezing Niall's hand hard, and I could feel how he squeezed back as he lead me through the rain with quick and h... more > (15 pages)

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  1. The One Direction Dirty Imagines 1|| completed
  2. One Direction Dirty Imagines.
  3. One Direction Dirty Imagines
  4. Childhood Sweethearts.
  5. Reaper's Claim
  6. Did I Mention I Miss You?
  7. Saving Lila
  8. Marriage To An Adult
  9. Lie Until You Laugh
  10. Sadistic Manager


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