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Niall Horan Imagines <3 - Nialler's Birthday (p.2 of 3)

"No way! I love you more!"

Niall: "Excuse me? that's not possible. I definitely love you more"

"Whatever you say birthday boy!"

Niall: "Mhmmm"

The party goes on for about 3 hours before you both thank everyone and the guests all leave.

Louis: "buh- bye looooovers!"

Harry: "see ya lat-uh"

Liam: " see you guys tomorrow!"

Zayn: "talk to ya love birds laterr"

Once everyone is out the door you turn to Niall.

"So did you enjoy your bithday?"

Niall: "i guess.... but there's still something missing.."

"hmmm.. really? What is it?"

Niall: "why don't we find out?" He winks.

You secretly grab some leftover cake behind you and shove it in his face.

"hahahaha! oh my gosh look at you!"

Niall: "You're gonna get it Y/N!"

He comes chasing after you and you run upstairs to the bedroom.

"ahhh!! Don't you dare Niall James Horan!!"

He grabs you and pushes you onto the bed and rubs his face all over yours. You both are laughing so hard until you stop and just peer into each other's eyes, both of you panting for breath. You both realize the position you're in; Niall laying on top of you. The silence finally breaks with a kiss. The kiss turns into a makeout and eventually leads to birthday sex.

Niall: "Best birthday ever...." He whispers.

"Yeah..." you whisper back.

Niall: "I love you so much." He kisses your forehead.

"I love you too"

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