Our Real Love by A.B.Castueras (3RD BOOK OF SMITH TRILOGY) - Our Real Love by A.B.Castueras THE START

Our Real Love

By. A.B. Castueras

"Oo na, mali na ako! Lahat sila nagsasabing mali ako pero isa lang ang alam kong tama at ikaw yun, dahil totoong mahal kita!"

Adeline Reese G. Smith

"Sinugal ko ng lahat sa buhay ko, pero isa lang ang hinding-hindi ko isusugal ngayon... at Ikaw yun."

Jarret Silva

"Binigay na nilang lahat an... more > (91 pages)

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uploaded by AnneBernadetteCastueras
tags / basketball basketball family family friendship friendship love love rea rea real real sports sports teens teens triangle triangle

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