The Falling Game - Chapter 1 *Timi*

A/N uwaaaaaaaaaa salamat ng maraming marami sa mga comments niyo, sa votes at sa reads! kinilig talaga ako <3 <3 <3

Para sa mga nagtatanong... opo, Anak ni Stephen at Naomi si Stephanie Mikael Cruz .. or Timi for short.

At sa mga naguguluhan, I just want to clarify things. Hindi ito sequel or book 2 ng BTCHO... This is a brand new story :)
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  1. Game Over (TFG #2)
  2. Angel in Disguise
  3. She Who Stole Cupid's Arrow
  4. Dear Future Boyfriend
  5. He & She
  6. The Art of Letting Go..
  7. Naniniwala Ka Ba Na May FOREVER?
  8. Kupida on Duty
  9. The Other Side (soon to be published!)
  10. Text Message


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