Dirty Imagines {Justin Bieber, One Direction, & Hunter Hayes imagines}

This is a dirty imagines for people who like dirty stuff! Can't be younger then 13 years old!! And I'll do the best I can! When I post up an imagine, and it says 'and you know the rest ;)' it means I don't have any ideas left. Okay? Okay!! :D. I only do Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Hunter Hayes dirty/romantic imagines! Okay?! Okay :D Thank you... more > (1 page)

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uploaded by CheyChey45
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  1. dirty imagine justin bieber
  2. Sweet as Venom
  3. Enough
  4. Weak 2
  5. Funniest Teenage Posts
  6. The Betrothed
  7. The Rant Book
  8. Trap Queen.
  9. No Matter What (Book Four)
  10. The Thug Across The Street 2


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