Dirty Imagines {Justin Bieber, One Direction, & Hunter Hayes imagines} - Dirty Justin

Dirty Justin imagine;

You were crying about what Justin did. He cheated on you with Selena Gomez, your cousin! You heard the door open downstairs. You didn't care about who it was. You just started crying. Then someone at your door, you looked at him/her. You couldn't see who it was; it was too blurry, there was a black figure. You saw it coming... more > (5 pages)

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  1. The Daughters of Robin
  2. Love story- Justin Bieber, One Direction
  3. Boyfriend(justin bieber love story)
  4. The Beginning of our Love
  5. Hunt The Hunter [Book 1]
  6. Mr. Prissy Pants
  7. Kendall Schmidt Imagines!!!
  8. Wanted (Sequel to All You Ever)
  9. Dirty imagine Justin Bieber ( My First)
  10. Round two (on hold)


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