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Harry styles imagines (p.2 of 3)

Niall: Niall!
Harry: and I'm Harry
HARRY, nice name for a nice guy
Liam: you alright love?
Y/ N: yeah I'm good just that my head hurts
Niall: I'm so sorry for kicking that ball, I didn't mean it.
Louis: yeah, Niall here, did it, he kicked the ball to your head.
Niall: I did not, it was just an accident
Louis: accident my ass, you were just helping ha-
Zayn cut him out by putting his hand on Louis' mouth and glared at him.
Zayn: so, Y/N do you need anything?
Zayn said trying to change the subject
Y/N: um.. No, I'm okay
I say trying to get my things
Harry:no! Don't leave we have to do something
Harry says as he gets your hand to prevent you from going away
Y/N: no I'm ok I'll just go home
Louis: no ! Just stay here and watch us play and later we'll treat yo something.
Y/N: no seriously I'm fine it's okay
Niall: no! I-- we have to give you something cause I-- did something bad to you
Harry: no its okay Niall I'll be doing it to her.
Harry says winking at you. You finally gave in and sat down as You watched them play. Sometimes they would fight and suddenly louis would shout 'do that to me or I'll tell her' to Harry and the boys and they would just glare at him and continue to play. You don't really know who "her" is just like a while ago Louis mentioned her again. They played one more round and went to You. You just noticed this but not a lot of fans were here looking at the boys play, actually no fans were here. You stood up and looked at them.
Y/N: where do you guys want to go?
Harry: I know this little cafe near my flat, do you want to go there?
Y/N: yeah sure
You took your satchel from the grass and put it on your shoulder. Harry held his

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