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Harry styles imagines (p.3 of 3)

hand out and you two went.WAIT! What? I look back at the boys, just staying there and looking at the both of you.
Y/N: wait you guys are not going?
I said stopping in my tracks and looking back at them
Niall: no its ok Y/N, we....have to.....um
Louis: we have to help prepare zayn for his date with perrie later
Zayn: yeah wait wha-OWW
Louis hit zayn chest and he looked back at me smiling. I looked at them curiously.
Y/N: ok. Good luck boys
I looked back to Harry and he took my hand to his and we started walking. It was very quiet going there, Harry would start some conversations but it would just die down quickly. When we get there, I lined up for both of us so Harry would get a table for us and so no one would notice he was there. When it was my turn, a boy looked at me and winked at me I think he was starting to flirt with me.
Casheir: hi what do you want to order?
Y/n: I want two caramel macchiatos and one blueberry muffin
The cashier guy flashed me a smile and winked. It was so weird.
Cashier: ok that would be $10.95.
While I was looking for my wallet he asked
Cashier: hey can I have your nu-
When he said that Harry suddenly appeared and kissed my hair. I think he saw me being uncomfortable, so thank god he was there to be with me
Harry: hey babe anything wrong?
Did he just call me babe for real or was it just for the game? Anyways I just tagged along
Y/n: yeah everything is alright babe.
I said as I was looking for my wallet
Harry: oh no it's ok I'll pay
Y/n: you sure, cause I'll have to pay you back
Harry: no its ok babe I'll do it
He said as he took money from his wallet and handed it to the guy, the guy seemed uncomfortable and took Harry's money. I see that the guy was supposed to take my number but Harry went in, THANK GOD! The guy got our orders and we went to the table Harry saved.
Y/n: hey thanks for saving me a while ago, the guy was about to ask my number.
Harry: oh no it's ok I saw that he was moving on you so I went there to keep you company. And who knows maybe I was not just playing?
He winked at me when he said that. So does it mean that-
???: hey (y/n)

Anyways this is my first long imagine and there is still more coming so, to get another part of this imagine I want 5 votes and 5 comments and at least some readers just to make me have the feeling to write this imagine. Love u my one direction family!

-Jana ☺

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