Seducing my Gay Boyfriend - SEDYUSiN si Arturo Madlang-awa the Third

Paalala: This story contains..English carabao, grammatical and typo Error. Wag ng basahin kung ayaw nyong sumakit ulo nyo.

No softcopy as of now.


Sedyusan ang drama ng storya na to. Yung tipong gagawin lahat ni girl ang paraan para lang mapainlab si guy.

Syempre si girl. Maganda at sexy.

Eh si Object of affe... more > (10 pages)

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uploaded by justchin
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  2. The Lust Marriage (To be published)
  3. Married To A Womanizer
  4. We're Married [SOON TO BE PUBLISHED]
  5. That Mighty Bond
  6. Instant Mommy Ako?
  7. Mr. Maniac meets Ms. Pervert
  8. The Boy Next Door (Completed)
  9. SDP2: Dating Alys Perez
  10. Ang Boyfriend kong Baboy


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