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Secretly Married .ƒĢ. (Completed and Published in English and Indonesian) - Chapter 18

Sa kuya kong mapang-asar pero gumawa ng wattpad para sa support hahaha. Kahit nahihiya ako sayo tenchu!!! Mwah. Pst bili mo akong AC charger. Hahaha!

Uhhhm si Elisa ulit para fun


Note: Weh? Halimaw na si author. Di ako nakabili ... more > (10 pages)

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Filipino / 8003 votes / 857 comments
uploaded by forgottenglimmer
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  1. To Love Again...
  2. Secretly Married: MISERY
  3. The Unwanted Girlfriend
  4. A Kiss in The Rain - EXCERPT (Now Available in Bookstores)
  5. Man Hater Meet The Gangster ( On Going-SLOW UPDATE )


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