Black Butterfly BOOK 1 & 2 (COMPLETED) - Teaser: Black Butterfly ♥

Bella Smith is a famous gang leader in Japan, with tattoo marks on her right arm, is best known as the legendary Black Butterfly.

After defeating the best fighters, she returned to the Philippines for two reasons.

First is to live like an ordinary person.

Second is to feel what it is to be in love.

She enrolled on her parents' prestigi... more > (1 page)

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  1. Heart of Emperor
  2. Montello High: School of Gangsters (Awesomely Completed XD)
  3. Empress of the Gangsters.!
  4. Runaway Bride
  5. The Woman I love
  6. Her Gangster Life
  7. Behind that mask
  8. My Gangster Prince
  9. Mr & Mrs UNDERCOVER


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