mr. popular meets ms. nobody. - mister popular meets miss nobody (chapter 1)


I'M SO FREAK'N PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW. Why on earth do I have to suffer like this? I'm on the middle of the road where the traffic is starting to build up and I owned the good for nothing car that has a flat tire on it. I'm going to be late. My father just called and said that he will be arriving an hour early at the airport. I'm start... more > (4 pages)

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  1. Mr. Popular meets Ms. Nobody (Jelsa and Mericcup version)
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  3. Let Me Think ( 2 ) Logic is our only guide
  4. Ms. Nerd meets Mr. Popular
  5. Logic đại cương
  6. The Flirting Game!
  7. Eleven (One Shot)
  8. You love me or not
  9. The Three Perfect Love Teams
  10. China: Rice - Market Report. Analysis and Forecast to 2020


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