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Mr. Popular Meets Ms. Nobody - Chapter 29 ♥ The Gifts

MR. POPULAR MEETS MISS NOBODY is now a published book under LIB/PASTRYBUG/PHR.

Hope you can grab a copy. Avilable at NBS, Pandayan, Powerbooks and Precious Page Stores on all malls nationwide. 3 books.

Price List: Book 1 - P199.75 ♥ Book 2 - P89.75 ♥ Book 3 - P119.75


Chelsea POV

Kagigising ko lang. Nagulat pa nga ako d... more > (11 pages)

< Part 30 of 72 >
Filipino / 3810 votes / 808 comments
uploaded by pinkyjhewelii
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  1. Unexpected Twins
  2. Breaking the Bad Boy (On-going)
  3. The Trouble with the Rule
  4. The Four Bad Boys And Me (Published and Soon to be Major Motion Picture)
  5. Teen Clash (Boys vs. Girls) [Published and Soon to be a Major Motion Picture]


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