I Fell Inlove..With My Bestfriend (KathNiel) - Naranasan mo na bang..

Naranasan mo na bang magmahal?

Ng Kaibigan mo?

Ang bestfriend mo?

Eh eto,

Naranasan mo na bang ma-friendzone?

Masakit Diba?

Yung feeling na hanggang kaibigan Lang talaga Ang tingin niya sayo..


Eh Ang Bestfriend-zone?

Yung feeling na hanggang bestfriends Lang talaga kayo.

Yan ang mas masakit.

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uploaded by SheCantBeMoveed
tags / bernardo bernardokath best bestfriendzoned comedy crush daniel friends friendzoned hawak imdanielpadilla julia kamay kathniel kathniel kathryn love love montes padilla smile smile

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