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300 Days with My Contract Husband (Completed) [with Extra Chapters] - Chapter 2: The Arrival

Kurt's POV

Nakabalik narin ako, after leaving the Philippines 5 years ago. It's been along time. Marami din akong taong naiwan dito, syempre namimiss ko sila lahat pero may isang bukod tanging tao na hindi talaga nawala sa isipan at puso ko for these 5 years.

By the way I am Xavier Kurt Montefalcon. My Mom's name is Miyuki Hayashi, she's Japanes... more > (5 pages)

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Filipino / 3203 votes / 186 comments
uploaded by loveorhatethisgurl
tags / 300 bernardo bestfriend chapter contract days friendship husband kathniel kathryn love marriage wedding


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