Love Doesn't Always Last ~ A Mindless Behavior,Ray Ray Love Story~

Hi, My Name Is Scarlett Ocean Hanson.

I'm Found Out To Be A "Loner". I HATE My Title. I Only Have 1Best-friend, Her Name Is Teria Godwin-Pierce. We Have Been Best-friends Ever Since Kindergarten. We, well I am Bullied By The One And Only Randy Smith, AKA. Ray Ray From Mindless Behavior. You Would Be Probably Be Saying Right Now "Ray wouldn't Bully... more > (1 page)

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  1. Saved (Sequel to Love Doesn't Always Last)
  2. Broken Hearts and Promises (Triology to Love Doesn't Always Last)
  3. Living In The Hood (Mindless Behavior Story)
  4. My Bestfriend Loves Me (mindless behavior Ray Ray love story)
  5. It hurts to be in love (ray ray love storie)
  6. Heartbreak and love a ray ray and mindless behavior love stories
  7. Good boy or Complete jerk(a mindless behavior/ray ray love story)
  8. He's watching us
  9. Changed Ways
  10. Different Worlds. (Ray Ray Love Story. )


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