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Uzumaki Clan's Rebirth ch1 to ch9

"I refuse." Naruto announced to a slack-jawed Jiraiya.

"What..what do you mean you 'refuse'?!"

"I'm not going training with you, I have other things to do." Naruto explained to the Sage, he refused to go on the two year training trip.

He had other things to do then waste his time with this pervert, he had to learn how to control it, he had... more > (220 pages)

Part 1 of 1
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uploaded by kostash
tags / action adventure fanfic naruto


  1. Uzumaki Clan's Rebirth
  2. Ask Or Dare The Z-Fighters And The Sisters
  3. Naruto a New Story
  4. Namikaze
  5. Through the Looking Glass (Naruto Fic)


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