My Gangster Husband. (ON-HOLD) - Prologue.


... 'cause no matter what you do, my heart belongs to you.

Written by: Ella L./modernongmariaclara. All Rights Reserved. 2012.



"If an angel and devil were to fall in love with each other, can their love transcend the law of heaven and hell? Can the... more > (2 pages)

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uploaded by modernongmariaclara
tags / couple gangster husband minmin contract leeminho love marriage parkminyoung mgh summary action awesome fiction fight friendship gang teen

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  3. Teen Clash 2: Battle between Heart and Mind
  4. *MCB2* Chasing my Contract Girlfriend
  5. PMW Book 2 : I was wrong
  6. Hiding my baby from his father.
  7. Constantly ( NashLene )
  8. Ang Boyfriend kong Baduy
  9. The Art of Letting Go
  10. Clash or Love


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