Mated to the Alpha (Undergoing Editing) - |Chapter 1|

Finished Chapter 1!!!!!!!!!!! please let me know what u think:))))


i frickin LOVE JENSEN ACKLES!!!!!!!!! share ur love and comment on why u love him:))

AMAZING cover on side!!!!!!!!!! thank u



Waking up that morning I never would've thought my life would becom... more > (10 pages)

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  1. Married to the Alpha
  2. My Arrogant, Over Protective Mate
  3. "My Alpha Mate"
  4. Falling For The Player
  5. Better Left Unsaid
  6. Alpha My
  7. Replica
  8. He's got a Death-Grip on my Heart
  9. Killing My Heart (On Hold)
  10. Nothins Easy


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