I met a jerk whose name is Seven. [EPILOGUE]

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read author's note for your own sake if you have any violent reactions to the story's ending :P

also, questions about "copies" "compilations" and such can be answered on my ... more > (21 pages)

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  1. 11 Ways to Forget your Ex-boyfriend.
  2. My Ex-boyfriend and I [Original]
  3. That Girl 1 & 2
  4. She Died (Manga Adaptation available in Bookstores Nationwide)
  5. The Most Painful Battle
  6. Voiceless ♪ (Available in Bookstores Nationwiide)
  7. One Bad Move (Memo Clarkson's Story)
  8. 10 Signatures to bargain with God.
  9. A Screen Away
  10. The Most Painful Ending


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