A Servant for a Mate - Chapter 1~

POV: Claudia

I watched him from the shadows. My handsome mate stood strong in a crowded room of hungry female piranhas. The beautifully tailored clothes secured his strongly built frame. Dark green eyes pierce the soul of his female dance partners. Chiseled sturdy jaw proved to all men and woman he spoke business.

My eyes follow the female's h... more > (12 pages)

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tags / alphas love male possessive werewolves

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  1. The Bite of an Alpha
  2. First Version of A Servant for a Mate
  3. Alpha Mine
  4. The Alpha's Toy
  5. My Dark Mate
  6. I'm Not Yours, Alpha
  7. Mine
  8. Just My Luck.
  9. The Alpha's Son
  10. The Wolf Baby


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