Criminals A Mindless Behavior~Rated R~Love Story

Hey everyone if your readin this then your fukin awsome!!Okay so im doin this love story called Im Criminals~Rated R~Love Story and if you like it then comment and stuff lik tht...dnt be shy!!!!Hope you like it!!Later on i'll make cast calls if u want a part in a story and also always give me ideas and suggestions.Oh...and if you want me to do any ... more > (1 page)

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uploaded by oshy143
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  1. Criminals A Mindless Behavior~Rated R~Episode 1
  2. Someone Like Me ( Roc Royal Love Story)
  3. One Eye Open
  4. Diamonds
  5. my lovvin for you a mindless behavior rated r story
  6. Christmas With my Girl
  7. the family curse
  8. My stepbrother
  9. Life of Misunderstood
  10. Im in love with a criminal (A Mindless Behavior love story starring you)


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