Bullied [ Roc Royal ] [ EDITING & ON HOLD ] - - about me: *

Um.. Hi. My name's Melissa Raymond. I'm 15 years old and go to Delrose High School. I was born on the 24th of May... I'm Haitian, African, Trinidadian, French, and just a little Columbian.

I'm different you can say in a bad way to other people. Ummm. I have color changing eyes. When I'm happy they're brown when I'm sad they're blue - grey. Yeah...... more > (2 pages)

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  1. Double the Love 2wice the Heartbreak
  2. Is it real love?
  3. Queen of the Trill (Urban; NonFamousMB)
  4. Another Mindless Behavior Love story
  5. Tamed ~ A Chresanto Love Story
  6. No New Friends (Roc Royal story)
  7. ★PARTY GIRL ★
  8. Fustrated In love(♥A LOVE STORY♥)
  9. Ray imagine starring YOU.!*
  10. Stranger (A Rayan Lopez Love Story)


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