Lost Love (Mindless Behavior love story)

My P.O.V. (Maleena)

me:what are we gonna wear for the first day of school bro
Tyra: i don't know
Makayla :we gotta look hot
Kayla: shut the front door we always look good
me:Wouldnt it be funny if we ever met Mindless Behavior
makayla:shut up that's all you ever talk about
tyra:yeah you are OBESSED
me: I'M NOT FREAKING OBESSED I'M DED... more > (2 pages)

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uploaded by 143MrsPerez
tags / behavior drama love maleena97 mindless


  1. Loving Bad
  2. A Princessly Connection
  3. Falling For Sakura
  4. Storm and Silence
  5. In Santa's Lap


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