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Abusing Me Won't Help ~ A Roc Royal Love Story

Nae's POV

I woke up, aching from what happened the night before. I looked to my right, Trey was no where to be found.

{A/N: I Know His Name Isn't Trey, Just Using It For The Story. Back To Story --->}

I tried to get up, but my legs wouldn't let me walk. I think I'll just lay in bed until the pain wears off. I don't know where Trey is, but I know... more > (3 pages)

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English / 126 votes / 28 comments
uploaded by LyricLovesMB
tags / abuse abusing asked behavior break chap chapter down help him later let love lynnae mindless moving never one opinion owens ray roc royal she stole story strong wont word year


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