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Breathe Again (COMPLETED) - Breathe Again (p.3 of 5)

Kasalakuyan nagpupulong ang lahat ng mga empleyado na may hawak ng managerial position sa isang function room sa hotel. Nang halos napuno na ang buong lugar ay nagsimula na ang sinasabing meeting.

"As we all know, our former General Manager had already resigned for some personal reasons. This event is to formally introduced the new General Manager who would took over all the responsibilities of managing, and handling this hotel. He is a graduate of Standford University and is the grandson of our director. Let's all welcome Mr. Xian Lim" Announce ng emcee.

Tumayo siya sa platform at nagsalita "Good morning everyone. I'm Xian Lim and would be the new General Manager of this company. Though I have not yet had that enough experience on this work but I can assure everyone that I would be at my best. I believe that with everyone's help I can be your good leader." Magalang na panimula ni Xian sa speech niya

" I am not here just because my lolo is our director but I'm here to help out to the further development of this company. Please don't treat me as someone that is not approachable. You have all been here longer than I am I would need everyone's help and guidance" Tuloy na sabi ni Xian

"So I'm looking forward to be working with everyone, some new rules and regulations are to be posted in your individual departments just take time to read it and strictly follow it. I'm very particular with deadlines and accuracy of a work to be done. I don't want any departments competing who among them is the better department because remember we are a team here. And on top of all, I don't want people spreading or engaging in office gossips please take note of that" This time pinakita niya na ang authorative side niya bilang General Manager

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