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The werewolf mate

The Werewolf Mate

Chapter 1- Bellas P.O.V

"You wouldn't dare," said a wide-eyed Lydia. We were standing
in a open clearing on our way back from school. I had a HUGE
snowball in my hand and was aiming for Lydia
"Oh but I would,"I said and threw the snowball at her head.
As the snowball hit her she closed her eyes and messed up her ... more > (1 page)

Part 1 of 32 >
English / 819 votes / 67 comments
uploaded by countrygirl101
tags / hate isabella love lydia marriage mate taken werewolf


  1. The Mate at the Wedding (sequel to "The Werewolf in my English Class")
  2. My Werewolf Mate
  3. I Met My Werewolf Mate In Handcuffs
  4. The Werewolf in the Basement
  5. My Werewolf Mate


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