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UnPlanned Meet (p.1 of 2)

Hey my name is Ann, and im 16 years old. i like music. i like jokes and stuff. but i dont have a good sense of humor. im not tall im just like 4'11. i have a long bluish black hair, i have blue eyes. im not looking for you know.. LOVE. it's so impossible to get for me because im just so short. it's so hard finding the right guy and there's no one likes me for who i am. i came from a rich family. not very rich but we can still afford shopping per month. i live with my parents and 2 brothers. and btw i live in UK. i was born in new york but i moved to here, UK when i was about 6 years old. so my accent is still american.
i have one and only best friend whom is Lisa. she's great and good at math. and im not. so thats why she's my friend because i like when she taught me math lol. she's like the bestest friend in the whole world.

MOM: good morning!
me: shizz mom it's just only 7 am, let me go to sleep
mom: no u have to wake up! it's the last day of school, you dont wanna be late dont u?
me: yeah i guess
mom: thats the spirit
me: haha spirit of sleppiness.
mom: now, go to the bathroom and tidy your room before you go to school
me: kayy

so i showered, and tidy my bedroom, then i go downstairs for breakfast. the whole family is already there

Dylan(my older brother, 18 years old): what took u so long ann?
me: tiding my room of course
Andrew(my little brother, 10 years old): shes such a slow girl
me: shut up freak
dad: dont talk to andrew like that ann. thats rude
me: yeah sorry
dad: *finished breakfast*

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