The Wolf and the Owl - A Ninja Love Fan fiction

This fanfiction is based on the iphone Otame game Shall We Date?: Ninja Love and follows the storyline of Kotaro, it is also slightly AU meaning the MC (Okami) is from a different time, I'm not doing it as she was pulled into a game but rather back in time. I don't want to get to much into it and ruin the storyline so I hope you enjoy it and please... more > (5 pages)

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uploaded by AshleeHawksworth
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  1. Shall We Rebel? Ninja Love: Aritokari Shinnosuke
  2. Ninja Love (Not the official title!!)
  3. my other side (ninja love)
  4. Never Supeted
  5. Ninja Love: Saizo Kirigakuri
  6. Choices
  7. Renji's love story
  8. Gaijin Girl... Part 1
  9. Journal Of Yvette Camarillo
  10. Ninja Love


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