Halikan Kita Dyan Eh! (Published under PSICOM) - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Rich Kids. Check.


Campus Hottie.Check.

Campus Nerd.Check.

Arranged Marriage.Check.

And to top it all we don't want to marry each other and voila! My life is already a pocketbook or an online novel written in wattpad. Ang cliché talaga! Start pa lang ng story ko nabobored na ako... more > (7 pages)

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Filipino / 2743 votes / 244 comments
uploaded by BlackLily
tags / halikankitadyan sia tamako


  1. That Mighty Bond
  2. ...And They Kill Each Other.
  3. KaSaMaAnBaTayo Tamadao Sia (Published under Viva PSICOM)
  4. Wanted:Babymaker reposted (Sana di maprivate)
  5. Run, While You Still Can


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