Twisted love *Mindless Behavior and Lil Twist love story* - I hope you know, I still love you.... To convince you I'll show u.....

This one is rated R. But not with the people you think are bout to do it. Imma warn you when it's close.

Tasha POV

Trey and I just had a good talk. So we're good now. I honestly missed him, even after what he put me through. I truthfully still loved him, noot like that but as a brother. After a while we got tire... more > (10 pages)

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  1. Mindless Behavior and Lil Twist love story: First few chapters -Completed-
  2. The New kid(Lil twist love story)
  3. Digging Deep: Life After Twist
  4. Flashbacks: I Remember© (A Lil Twist love story)
  5. LOVE Of Music (a Lil Twist yn love story On Hold
  6. Lil Twist(ed) Love Story
  7. Temptation.......... (Mindless Behavior Story)
  8. Bad Boy (A Lil Twist Love Story)
  9. Secret Billion Man
  10. Drama


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