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Twisted love *Mindless Behavior and Lil Twist love story* - I hope you know I still love you....To convince you I'll show you.....

This one is rated R. I'll warn you when it's close.

Tasha POV

Trey and I just had a good talk. So we're good now. I honestly missed him, even after what he put me through. I truthfully still loved him, not like that but as a brother and friend. After a while we got tired and sat down. I sat by Trey and Twist on my other side. Trey had his a... more > (9 pages)

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English / 49 votes / 7 comments
uploaded by Spiffy_Tasha
tags / ashley behavior chrisbrown christophermoore diggy jacob kiana latimore lil mindless princeton prodigy ray roc royal teammindless twist tyga ymcmb


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