One Direction Dirty #Imagines

So if you like reading Dirty 1D imagines you've come to the right place :D Every single chap is gonna be a different imagine. send me requests if you've got any :) 1dirtyimagines@gmail.com

Wattpad isnt letting me upload the imagines. Their all "private" So you have to fan me to read them. Does anyone know how i can make them public?
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  1. One Direction Preferences
  2. Celebrity Imagines! YAY!
  3. A Harry Potter/ One Direction crossover
  4. Naive, A Harry Potter/One Direction Crossover
  5. I never knew (Larry Stylinson)
  6. Faith (Narry Punk!Niall FlowerChild!Harry)
  7. Fate or Fantasy? (a Niall James Horan fanfiction)
  8. Let Us Just Take a Moment
  9. Imagines!! :D
  10. One Direction, Harry Potter, Fantastic Four, and the Avengers in a Chatroom


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