My Ex-Bully Louis Tomlinson kidnapped me (One Direction Fan-fiction) - Chapter seven~ Just a Kiss-


So, good news!

I have Wifi!!!


So now, i'll be able to update regularly!!!

I know a lot of people wanted me to update, so now i am!!

OMG! I'm on the boardwalk and i see every single store has 1D stuff and i'm like freaking out, 'cuz we don't have anything where i live, so i was SUPER excited!!! Im gonna buy a sweatshirt late... more > (8 pages)

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  1. Louis Tomlinson Kidnapped Me; No Big Deal
  2. Kidnapped by ONE DIRECTION! (a One Direction fan-fiction)
  3. Falling Hard for Louis Tomlinson
  4. Kidnapped By One Direction
  5. Kidnapped By One Direction


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