Our Twisted Love Story - //Entry One


Diary ng Panget/ Ni Eya Fan Fiction written by DahngReyes formerly known as MissDReyes

Date Started: 07/10/12||Date Finished: 10/18/12

//Chapter One

After three months of preparation for our wedding. Sa wakas ay ikakasal na din kami ni Cookie Monster ko. Grabe ang ganda-ganda ko ngayon at syempre ampogi-pogi ni CM k... more > (9 pages)

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Filipino / 1315 votes / 470 comments
uploaded by DhangReyes
tags / diary fanfic missdreyes panget

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  1. Love Story ng NBSB ♥ (completed)
  2. = Inlove, BrokenLove, Still Inlove=
  3. A Dare to Love
  4. Kung Kaya Ko Lang Ibalik (KKKLI)
  5. Still Yours , Forever , Until The END .
  6. Bakit Nga Ba Di Ako Ang Piliin Mo ?
  7. Waiting Shed
  8. I Cant Hide It Anymore (ICHIA)
  9. Hanggang Lihim Na Lang Ba ?
  10. Ikaw Nga Lang Kasi (INLK)


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