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Long dirty Zayn Malik imagine/fanfic

You're home alone for a week because you're parents are away. You go upstairs to take a shower when you hear the doorbell ring. You roll your eyes but quickly wrap a towel around your body and go downstairs, wondering who could be at the door. You open it, being greeted by a smiling Zayn Malik. He's the most gorgeous guy in school, no competition, ... more > (1 page)

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English / 419 votes / 100 comments
uploaded by Scarlett_Tommo_love
tags / direction dirty fanfic malik one zayn


  1. Zayn Malik Dirty Imagine
  2. Zayn Malik Dirty Imagines
  3. Zayn Malik Dirty Imagines
  4. A Zayn Malik DIRTY Imagine
  5. Zayn Malik Dirty Imagine


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