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Long dirty Zayn Malik imagine/fanfic (p.1 of 1)

You're home alone for a week because you're parents are away. You go upstairs to take a shower when you hear the doorbell ring. You roll your eyes but quickly wrap a towel around your body and go downstairs, wondering who could be at the door. You open it, being greeted by a smiling Zayn Malik. He's the most gorgeous guy in school, no competition, and you feel like a complete idiot being only in a towel. "Oh, um, hi." You frown and say, "Sorry, I was just showering." Zayn chuckles sweetly and says, "I'm sorry for interrupting, but you said I could ask you for help whenever I need to for the next english exam, and I'm way behind. May I come in?" You're a little surprised, but of course you let him in. This is Zayn Malik. He comes in and you awkwardly say, "Um, I'll just go get dressed quickly." Zayn eyes you up with interest and then cheekily smiles at you, saying, "Don't bother." You grimace in a joking way and Zayn takes a step closer. "I'm not actually here to study, love." You feel your cheeks burning but you're already slightly turned on. Without his eyes leaving yours, you suddenly feel a hand beneath your towel. Zayn is lightly stroking your p*ssy and you feel yourself getting wetter. "I know you want me, Y/N," he says and moves closer to kiss you. His tongue enters your mouth and he explores it. You don't reject him and he starts to move his fingers around the inside of you. You moan lightly into his mouth until he lets your towel drop to the floor. He looks back to check out your body and says, "Sh*t, that's some fine tits you've got there, babe." And he presses his lips against them to suck on your nipples. You moan louder and get wetter. He leaves them wet and says, "I got something for you." You wait in the hallway in shock and Zayn returns with a vibrator in his hands. Your eyes widen and you say, "Oh no, I'm not gonna use that." Zayn cheekily smiles and says, "Who said you've got a choice?" You half-heartedly try to push him off as he moves you to the couch and pushes you down. He then pushes the vibrator into you and starts thrusting it. You groan his name over and over again and when you feel his tongue licking you in quick, short movements you yell out in pleasure. Right before you reach the climax he pulls out the vibrator and sticks his tongue in, making you violently cum all over it. He licks you clean as you breathe heavily. "Are you ready for me now?" He says with a wink as he pulls down his boxers revealing his large boner. You moan a little when you see his big d*ck, wanting it inside of you badly. Without a warning, he thrusts all his length inside of you and a mixture of pain and pleasure fills you up and you scream out. He starts thrusting and you yell, "Harder!" and Zayn obeys. He's moaning your name and says, "Ohh, Y/N, you feel so good! You're so f*cking tight!" Soon, you both cum together as you feel his warm cum filling you up. He pulls out of you and you lay next to each other, breathing heavily. You have to giggle and say, "Whenever you need to study again, you're more than welcome to do it here." Zayn laughs and kisses your lips, and replies with, "Believe me, love, I will."


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