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Niall Horan Dirty Imagine... (p.1 of 1)

You and Niall are at a carnival and Niall is trying to win you a stuff pig because it reminded him about himself and when he goes back in tour you have that to remember Nail for. So once Niall finally wins you the pigg, you guys get hungry.

You- "Niall what do you want to eat?"
Niall- "YOU!!!!"
You started to laugh and you both thought you can share some fries.
Once you were done you guys went in the fun house that took you guys a really long time to get out.
All of a sudden the lights inside turn off and they yell,"We're having some trouble just hold on and the lights with be back on in a couple of minutes".
Niall with his cute adorable accent asked if you were scared. You honestly weren't but you know he was getting scared. You started hugging Niall and you could feel that he was getting a boner, what you did was put your hand down his pant throw his CK's. You can hear him moaning under his breath
Niall-"(yn) Faster."

You keep going faster until he cums in your hand. You lick the cum off of your fingers and go and get your own pleasure.

Niall sticks his index finger inside you. You start to moan loud. He keeps going hitting your g-spot.
You cum on his fingers and he licks them off.

Right then and there the lights turn on.

Niall-"Round 2 at my house."


I know its short but if you like this I will make round 2 even better xoxoxoxo Sara :-)

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