my crush is my bully.....(a rayray love story) - my bully is now my boyfriend.....(a rayray love story)

Taylor Renae Anderson is 15 and USED to get bullied by rayray from mindless behavior.but that all changed when he kisses her on the way to school and does some other things.let's see what happens...
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  1. My Bully Loves Me(Ray Ray Love Story)
  2. he rocs my world(a roc royal love story)intro
  3. Scars
  4. love hurts(a mindless love story)
  5. my vampire bully.... WAIT VAMPIRE (a rayray love story)
  6. Abusive love (RayRay Love story)
  7. Wht a life (Mb Rayray love story)
  8. Used to be
  9. As Long As you Love Me
  10. Abused Luv Story (Ray Ray)


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