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[PUBLISHED BOOK] Three words, Eight letters, Say it and I'm Yours - Three words, Eight letters, Say it and I'm Yours [1]

Now a published book under Summit Media. Php 175.00. English. Available in all bookstores nationwide. :) If you love COUREANS, GIANELS and BRANDED LOVERS then do grab a copy!

First of all, let me introduce myself. Ako si CHANEL COURTNEY CHUA. My friends call me CHANEL (Shanel). I am 17 years old, living alone. 5'5 in... more > (7 pages)

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Filipino / 4373 votes / 562 comments
uploaded by Girlinlove
tags / arrangedmarriage birthday breakup california chanel destiny eight forever gian inspiration kean letters love pain three words


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  2. [Published Book] Three Words, Eight Letters, If I say it, Will I be yours?
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  4. Three Words Valentine Special! <3
  5. Sa isang sulyap ko (ONESHOT)


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