Kidnapped and now his sex slave.........or so i thought [ ON HOLD] - My masters is a vampire and i'm his sex slave ... or so i thought....

Okay you guys this is a New story I am trying to write SO I need you guys to PLEASE PLEASE comment and vote and those of you who aren't my fan, Please Fan! :D You guys Really don't know how happy it makes me, to know how much you love my stories! :') I really don't care if you don't fan just comment and tell me what you think because I REALLY do ca... more > (3 pages)

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  1. Lost & Insecure h.s.
  2. Blood Sucker
  3. I'm a Sex Slave
  4. Her master
  5. my mates a possessive control freak! And a werewolf to!
  6. His sex slave
  7. They Don't Know About Us (Zayn Malik)
  8. Love Me (Carlos Pena Love-Story)
  9. I'm the...what?!
  10. Winning Her Affection - One Direction Fanfiction


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