Rejected and Raped

Alexandra's POV

Alexandra Louise Creigh. I was ostracised and beaten up. Every single day. By my pack. Well, I'm a werewolf. It's actually quite fun to be one, my wolf has creme coloured fur, and bright emerald eyes.

I'm currently sixteen, turning seventeen next year. I can't wait to meet my mate at seventeen, so he can protect me, or bring me aw... more > (2 pages)

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  1. His Personal Assistant.
  2. A Little Crazy
  3. The Street fighter And I
  4. Badboy and I?
  5. He's A Little Possessive
  6. Dragonfly
  7. New One (BWWM)
  8. I love you, boss
  9. Taken (Larry Stylinson AU)
  10. The Man Behind The Beast


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