Heyo well I will be writing 1D Imagines. Some may involve a lot of sex or sexual content, others may just be normal imagines you'd read on tumblr or whatnot.

WARNING. If you do not like sexual content, PLEASE DONT READ THE ONES WITH AN ASTERIX (*) ON THE TITLE. Don't complain to me that I'm too descriptive either, because that is how I was taught... more > (1 page)

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  2. Imagines
  3. Stole My Heart (Louis Tomlinson)
  4. How To Love...
  5. Adopted by 1D
  6. Operation Cgo (A One Direction Adoption Story)
  7. style - a.i
  8. Adopted by 1D
  9. One Direction Imagines:)
  10. One Direction Imagines


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