The Bad Boy Is Possessive - Chapter 1- The Bad Boy Is Planning Something

(Chapter 1- The Bad Boy Is Planning Something)

Two ordinary words and alone they can represent one thing but put together they mean something entirely different. For example, the words bad and boy. Everyone knows the following definitions but combine them, and they shout something I was desperately trying to avoid. Our School's most notorious b... more > (11 pages)

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uploaded by BrittanyLeigh8
tags / bad blake boy boyfriend brody farrah game megan possessive

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  1. Growing up (My Wattpad Love's sequel)
  2. The BAD BOYS Good Girl
  3. The Heartbreak Chronicles
  4. The Bad Boy's Heart
  5. My Stolen First Kiss
  6. Bad Boy in Love
  7. Falling Apart
  8. Heartbreaker


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