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One Direction Dirty Imagines - Dirty Louis Tomlinson Imagine. (p.1 of 2)

You and your boyfriend, Louis were on a road trip. You were so exhausted so you were happy when he pulled into a motel. You guys checked in, got your keys, and as soon as you got in your room you jumped on the bed ready to fall asleep... Until, Louis decides to jump in the bed with you and starts kissing you passionately.

Louis; "I didn't bring us to the motel to sleep... I wanna do something else, babe."

Y/N; "Louis, I'm really tired..."

Louis; "Babe please? I want to make you feel good."

Eventually you give in and start kissing him back. He rolls over on top of you and you guys quickly start removing each others clothes. You knew Louis was big, but was it always THIS big? Louis starts to suck on your neck instantly finding your sweet spot.

Louis; "Are you ready to suck me babe?"

Without replying, you take his big d!ck and slowly lick his shaft.

Louis; "C'mon, no teasing, love!"

You immediately shove all of him into your mouth making him moan. You continue to suck him and you can tell he's close so you go faster.

Louis; "Oh sh!t! Yes, Y/N I'm gonna cummmm!

He cums into mouth and you swallow every last drop.

Y/N; "My turn, babe!"

Louis kisses you from your lips to your neck to your belly button, then he starts sucking on your clit. It feels so good but you want more. Louis must be a mind reader because he moves his down lower and enters his tongue into you.

Y/N; "Mmmmm... Louis, yes! Yes!"

You reach your high and cum all over Louis' tongue. He licks all of your liquids and gets on top of you again. He slowly glides his massive length into letting you adjust. He feels so good inside of you. Louis starts thrusting harder and faster.

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