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One Direction Imagines - HARDCORE- Nerdy Niall (p.1 of 9)

Hard core (Nerdy Niall)

A/N: Sorry Its so long, And yeah for spelling and stuff.

"You got a Problem Niall?" Jessica, The queen bee, popular of the popular, she always had a problem with the little tike. "Stop staring, you aren't getting none!" Everyone laughed, Niall flushing red. His cheeks were so cute with their little bumps.

"And you Y/N, look at this! The nerd, checking out the nerd!" She laughed.

It was true...I was the nerd, head over heels for the nerd. It was sad and so unreal. Normally, a girl like me would be into the jocks, mostly Zayn who was always at Jessica's side.

But no...My stupid mind wondered to the geekiets kid in school beside myself.

God, if i could only get a second alone with him I- "Earth to Y/N?" My head shot up from my day dream, staring at the teacher who probably asked me some stupid question he assumed I knew the answer to. I did, sadly.

The day was normal, a few shoves in the Hall, a few names from faces I didn't even know.

I just wanted to get on my bus and go the fuck home.

"Y/N!" I ignored my name being called, who would want me? "Y/N! Stop ignoring me baby!" Oh god, not him, anything but him. "H-Hi Zayn..."

Don't stutter now you twit!

"You wunna come for drinks with me and some lads? I've got no one to go with."

You don't say no to the hottest boy in school, no matter how much you hate his guts it's a chance to up your social states and it's not like I could go down.

We walked around the corner of the building, were I thought his car would be surrounded by his friends, but it wasn't...It was empty, All i saw was Zayns smug face laughing before I was pulled into the

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