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Never Talk Back To A Gangster! [FIRST HALF]

Ch.01 - Kiss Me
Ch. 02 - Trip
Ch.03 - Pills
Ch.04 - Red Dela Cruz
Ch.05 - Seducing Ami
Ch.06 - One Rainy Day
Ch.07 - How To Produce A Baby (Part1)
Ch.07 - How To Produce a Baby (Part 2)
Ch.08 - The Aftermath (Part 1)
Ch.08 - The Aftermath (Part 2)
EXTRA Ch.09 - Ang Panget na Lalaki sa Library
Ch.10 - Ang Panget na Malas
Ch.10 - Ang Panget na Malas (part two)
Ch.11 - THE TALK
Ch.12 - Falling IN or OUT of Love?
Ch.13 - Summer Break o Heartbreak?
Ch.14 - One Love
Ch.15 - A Thousand Miles
Ch.16 - Dream High (Part One)
Ch.16 - Dream High (Part 2)
Ch.17 - Beast and Beastly (Part 1)
Ch.17 - Beast and Beastly (Part 2)
Ch.18 - Smooth Criminal
Ch.19 - Liar Liar
Ch.20 - Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned
Ch.21 - Remember Summer's Love
Ch.21 - Remember Summer's Love (part2)
Ch.22 - Dethroned
Ch.23 - Terrified (Part One)
**The Author's Note!**
Ch.23 - Terrified (part 2)
Ch.24 - Attraction
Ch.25 - Strings of Fate
Ch.25 - Strings of Fate (part 2)
Ch.26 - Stay in My Memory
Ch.27 - I'm Sorry
Ch.28 - Let's Go to Bukidnon
Ch.29 - Hacienda Ezperanza
Ch.30 - Waiting For Timothy
Ch.31 - His Voice
Ch.32 - When He Fell From The Sky
Ch.33 - Annoying Me
Ch.34 - Vacations are Supposed to be FUN
Ch.35 - Keeping Your Eyes On Me
Ch.36 - Pride and Jealousy
Ch.37 - Sudden Turn Of Events
Ch.38 - Guarding Your Life (part one)
Ch.38 - Guarding Your Life (part two)
Ch.39 - Shalalalalala My Oh My!
Ch.40 - Sleeping Beauty
Ch.41 - Going Crazy
Ch.42 - No More Mr. Nice Guy
Ch.44 - Such a Meanie
Ch.43 - Summer Love
Ch.45 - The Bum
Ch.46 - Ratatouille
Ch.47 - Oh My! Oh My!
Ch.48 - Being Red
Ch.49 - Green is the New Color of Red
Ch.50 - Burning News
Ch.51 - Rumor Has It
Ch.52 - Childhood Memories
Ch.53 - Hidden in Pandora's Box
Ch.54 - History Repeats Itself (Part One)
Ch.54 - History Repeats Itself (Part Two)
Ch.55 - Stay With Me
Ch.56 - Time To Love
Ch.57 - Another Story (Part One)
Ch.57 - Another Story (Part 2)
***Author's Note --- don't read.. it's hazardous... LOL ---
Ch.58 - Voice Message
Ch.59 - Crazy Day
Ch.60 - Crazy Fan Girls
Ch.61 - Don't Stand So Close (Part One)
Ch.61 - Don't Stand So Close (Part Two)
Ch.62 - Into A Million Pieces (Part One)
Ch.62 - Into A Million Pieces (Part Two)
Ch.63 - If I Could Fall, It'd be Only for You
Ch.64 - One Step Closer
Ch.65 - A Kiss Under The Moonlight
Ch.66 - The Transferree
Ch.67 - Before They Were Called The Lucky 13 (Part One)
Ch.67 - Before They Were Called The Lucky 13 (Part Two)
Ch.68 - The 13th Member
Ch.69 - You've Been Invited (Part One)
Ch.69 - You've Been Invited (Part Two)
Ch.70 - On A Date
Ch.71 - Dating A Gangster
Ch.72 - Natural
Ch.73 - Dance Again
Ch.74 - In Between The Lines
Ch.75 - Always and Forever

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