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Reyna ng Kamalasan .ƒĢ. (Completed and Published in 2 parts)

Chapter One- Zylie
Chapter Two- Bosom Buddies
Chapter Three- Earshot
Chapter Four- Metaphors
Chapter Five- Ménage
Chapter Six- Surprise Pancakes
Chapter Seven- Pronoia
Chapter Eight- Bygone Times
Chapter Nine- Restitution
Chapter Ten- Reel
Chapter Eleven- Push and Pull
Chapter Twelve- Pheromones
Chapter Thirteen- Malevolence
Chapter Fourteen- In Spite Of
Chapter Fifteen- Despite Of
Chapter Sixteen- Shanghaied
Chapter Seventeen- Espoused?
Chapter Eighteen- To the Carnival
Chapter Nineteen- The Venting Place
Chapter Twenty- Wrong Person
Chapter Twenty One- Buknoy's Ode
Chapter Twenty Two- Nightmare
Chapter Twenty Three- Let's Go Out
Chapter Twenty Four- My Organ
Chapter Twenty Five- Ice Creamed
Chapter Twenty Six- Sweet Face
Chapter Twenty Seven- Friendzoned?
Chapter Twenty Eight- Her Secret
Chapter Twenty Nine- The Ice Cream Man
Chapter Thirty- Catgirl, my heroine
Chapter Thirty One- Misunderstanding
Chapter Thirty Two- One Pancake Apology
Chapter Thirty Three- Those Three Parts
Chapter Thirty Four- Basorexia
Chapter Thirty Five- Be Careful for What You Wish for
Chapter Thirty Six- Dreams and Nightmares
Chapter Thirty Seven- Friends and Lovers
Chapter Thirty Eight- Psychology,Chemistry and all the Double Meanings
Chapter Thirty Nine- Confessions
Chapter Forty- Crystal Ball
Chapter Forty One- Oranges
Chapter Forty Two- Ex Wars
Chapter Forty Three- Rage
Chapter Forty Four- Magic Words
Chapter Forty Five- Blown
Chapter Forty Six- The Obvious
Chapter Forty Seven- Misreckoning
Chapter Forty Eight- Donuts, Lockers, and Bags
Chapter Forty Nine- Rebound
Chapter Fifty- Mistletoe
Chapter Fifty One- Eros
Chapter Fifty Two- Last Night
Chapter Fifty Three- Lies
Chapter Fifty Four- Evidence
Chapter Fifty Five- Balloons
Chapter Fifty Six- Love and Hate
Chapter Fifty Seven- Debts
Chapter Fifty Eight- Raining Inside
Chapter Fifty Nine- Accusations
Chapter Sixty- A Night Together
Chapter Sixty One- Kisses
Chapter Sixty Two- Shifts
Chapter Sixty Three- More Lies
Chapter Sixty Four- Mad Fall Guy
Chapter Sixty Five- Fall for You
Chapter Sixty Six- Fight for Us
Chapter Sixty Seven- Pain
Chapter Sixty Eight- Memory and Fantasy
Chapter Sixty Nine- Big C
Chapter Seventy- Square One
Chapter Seventy One- Calm before the Storm
Chapter Seventy Two- Friends and Plans
Chapter Seventy Three- The Promise
Chapter Seventy Four- 2536
Chapter Seventy Five- Reaction Formation
Chapter Seventy Six- Silver
Chapter Seventy Seven- The Last Fight
Chapter Seventy Eight- Outset
Epilogue- Queen

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